Wonders of Nyungwe

We have no wifi at KCCEM at present but have been given free access to the wifi outside the Rwandan Development Board Offices nearby so expect more news once our workshops are finished this afternoon. In the meantime here are a few highlights of yesterday’s exploration of Nyungwe selected by the team.

Polystachya aff. virginae could be a new species Polystachya aff. virginae could be a new species

Jacob helping students with orchid identification


Arrived at KCCEM

We have arrived at Kitabi College of Conservation and environmental management. We have been given a tour of the lab and new growing area by Zoe, Heather and two of the leading orchid students Jean Luke and Jean Claude. Very impressive work. We have no internet at present but will blog more when we do.



Feedback from James’ 3D workshop

3D workshop doFeedback is vital when we evaluate the effectiveness of our work in Rwanda and plan improvements to workshops and activities. Here are some of the FAWE girls’ reflections on their 3D design and printing workshop where they designed 3D objects in  123 Design  software and then printed their designs on FAWE’s new Robox 3D Printer.

Kelly: “I felt like a real engineer. It is amazing how plastic thread like ropes can change into a real shape.”

Latifa: It felt so amazing. Like woow I have really become a true scientist, and the 3D printer would really help our school in different kind of things like in mathematics or studying geometry with all the object that we could design.”

Josephine: I felt good because it is the first time I saw that machine. It amazed me because I gained skills and knowledge about it.”

Azza: “I was so excited, everything was cool there!!! Really amazing to see the shapes object out from the 3D printer because when they were telling us how it worked I just didn’t expect that.”

Gloria: “My first impression I thought it was cool and I think it shall help us in fun stuff and maths too. I don’t think the teachers shall need to draw drawings to tech us.”

Jessica: I think it was awesome. I think instead of teachers buying shapes they can just make them !!!

Yvette: “Wow, They are amazing.”

Kellen: “I got some little knowledge about designing something useful to my community using a 3D printer”

Thanks to Robox for donating the 3D printer for FAWE, to the Dyson Foundation for donating sufficient filament to last at least a year and of course to James for planning and delivering such a great session.