365 days of orchids – day 1 (Jan 1st) – Cattleya percivaliana

Cattleya percivaliana Cattleya percivaliana

So here goes – follow us through a year’s worth of Orchid Species flowering at Writhlington. At the end of each month we will organise a public online vote for orchid of the month – how exciting!

This dramatic species, endemic to Venezuela, is known as the Christmas Cattleya and with us flowers bang on time. We have had this plant for many years and it is a relatively compact species with large flowers notable for the dark lip characteristic of the species. We grow it like most of our Cattleyas in a basket hanging in Warm Americas – Minimum 14 C and vents opening at 22 C.

Here is a closeup of the flower:



Happy New Year from the Writhlington Orchid Project

What is frosty on the outside and tropical on the inside? – the school greenhouse of course. The Laelia anceps and Laelia gouldianas are looking lovely in Cool Americas as usual for the Christmas holiday. What a shame there isn’t a show at this time of year to share the wonderful orchids that flower at the start of the year. Makes me think we need to attempt another year of 365 orchid species. We will see if we can photograph a different orchid species from the collection on every day of 2017 and post them here.jan-laelias

Laelias in Cool Americas