The Big Bang!

So, I hear you ask, what has ‘The Big Bang’ got to do with orchids? Well, not a great deal… the Big Bang Science fair in Manchester, though? That’s a whole other story!

As some of you may already know, as part of our Sikkim expedition in April this year, I carried out research on the orchid populations of the Sikkim Himalaya. My research shows that the populations are now growing at a higher altitude than they did in the 1890’s and the altitude rise is in line with that to be expected from global warming.


This project, as well as many others, will be on display at The Big Bang in Manchester Central from 11th – 13th March 2010.  80 days to go!


Model Repair

As part of the Go4SET project last year, a working model of the new greenhouses was made by one of our two teams to illustrate how water would be conserved in the new greenhouse. Unfortunately, this model was semi-destroyed a few months back.

Fortunately – it’s back and as good as new! Zoe Barnes (who happens to be my sister) took the model home as a ‘Christmas Project’ on Thursday and, after a lot of repairs and glue gun burns, we’d fixed it! Looking very pleased with the day’s work – here is Zoe, making the final finishing touches to the model.

The Model repaired!
The Model repaired!

The model will be displayed in the the real, full size, new greenhouses when they are completed.


End of the year

Well that’s it for us. Term 2 draws to a close and with it 2009. We’ve had a super year and can’t wait to start 2010! Before term ends, however, it is traditional for our school drama department to put on a talent show. This year, I have to say, it was one of the best – particularly as it included our very own choreographed unicycling!


Orchid evening approaches!

That’s right people! We’re now reaching the final stages of the ‘Orchid celebration evening’ preparations here at the Writhlington Orchid Project.  This includes tidying plants for the display stand and putting together our presentations for you on our past expeditions.

This will include a presentation from the Durban team, who’s blog you have been following on here or on the RHS Blog.  There will also be a presentation from me on the Sikkim expedition last April.  It’s looking like it’s going to be a good evening with some of our Year 8 students promising cake and biscuits!

Remember to come along on Monday 14th December (Yes, that’s next Monday!) to the school.  Bring £1 for entrance and prepare for orchids, education and refreshments!  I’ll see you there!