Meet the team

Here we are ready to jump in the KCCEM bus to head back to the forest. The weather is fine and we are all refreshed after a good nights sleep and a substantial breakfast. Thanks again for all the comments, it is great to know you are following our adventures.


Orchids on Bigugu

Lots of amazing orchids on Bigugu too.

Ripidoglossum pulchellum Ripidoglossum pulchellum

This epiphyte is a new species for the orchid project. Many orchids in Nyungwe share this growth habit and so spotting plants in flower is important to confirm species and on this trip we have some brilliant orchid spotters.

Polystachya spatella Polystachya spatella

Aaron spotted this small orchid flowering in Erica forest on Erica johnstonii. The species is abundant on Bigugu but only this plant was in full flower.

Disa starsii Disa starsii

We found Disa starsii growing right at the top of Mount Bigugu amongst heather and growing in a thick layer of moss over bare rock.

We next head into the forest on Friday with the girls from FAWE. Today we are resting, recovering and doing our washing.