Danish Teachers in the lab

Learning seed sowing with Jacob Learning seed sowing with Jacob

Friday was Danish day in Orchid Project with twenty teachers visiting from Denmark to find out about Science at Writhlington. Their visit included learning orchid propagation techniques with Zoe Parfitt, Jacob Coles, Misha Harvey and Georgia Hughes.

Two laminar flow cabinets were in use to teach both seed sowing and re-plating techniques. The visitors really enjoyed their experience and have gone home inspired. Well done to the teaching team.

Touring the greenhouse Touring the greenhouse


Snow! January 18th 2013

Winter snows have returned to the West Country and so school is closed for the day – except for the Orchid Project of course.



Come on Jacob we know that Laelia anceps is cool growing but that is ridiculous!

It is still snowing hard as I write and so we may be stuck here for a while but a tropical greenhouse has to be the best refuge from a blizzard. The Greenhouse is full of gorgeous orchids in flower, we have a whole school’s worth of snow to play with and who knows we might get some useful jobs done too.