London Gold

Jolly well done to set up team Georgia, Maisha, Tom and Jacob on a London Gold! Very well deserved!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention earlier, our beautiful Coelogyne cristata alba (the big white thing in the middle of the picture) won ‘Best Specimen Orchid’ and our stunning Dendrobium thyrsiflorum (just out of shot to the top left) won ‘Best Orchid’.




London show

This weekend is the RHS London orchid show. Today a team of 4 students were putting together an amazing display. This year our Coelogyne cristata like show in the picture below is a major part of the display. With set up now over judging will take place tomorrow morning.

20130411-085807 PM.jpg


Result of the Big Bang Quiz

Thanks to all of you who entered our orchid quiz at the Big Bang event at Malvern. We can now announce that no-one got 100% but a large number of you got 90% or more. The top scoring sheets were put in a flower pot and the winner drawn out was Izzy Clatworthy (I hope I spelt your name correctly). Well done Izzy. Please claim a free plant next time you see us. We will be at the RHS show London this Friday and Saturday and nearer to you at the Three Counties Show on 14th-16th June.


Back in the UK

After an amazing trip we are now back in the UK. When looking back over the last trip we all agreed on one thing that really stood out. This was the two days at taktse school. It is what our project is all about and the enthusiasm of the students was incredible. This is a picture of us and the students by our wall of memories. I will remember this forever and I am sure the other students will as well.
Just a warning for taktse school, I will be back.

20130406-095103 AM.jpg