If you have been following the blog for a long time, you may remember last time we were in Rwanda, I failed to get a photo of a baboon.  This time it was no trouble as they were feasting on the rice we dropped from our juggling balls last night.

20140718-025148 pm-53508599.jpg


Disa eminii – orchid of the day

Disa eminii small

We found some great orchids in Nyungwe today but orchid of the day goes to this fantastic terrestrial. We first spotted something bright and orchid shaped on the road verges from our coach. Jacob declared it to be Disa eminii at 40mph without the aid of a book “it’s one I remember reading about” was his only excuse for this outrageous piece of high speed botanising.


At home in the forest

Today’s group photo was taken in Nyungwe forest in an area dominated by giant tree ferns. Tomorrow morning we will be in a very different habitat exploring Kamiranzovu swamp? This is Africa’s largest peat bog and home to some unique plants. I am sure that the team will feel just as much at home as they clearly do in the forest.


Beautiful art work from our youngest and very talented student

One of the jobs a team of students and staff had to do today was create suitable questionnaires for the adults at Kitabi College and the visiting students. An important aspect of the trip is to explore the impact our workshops and forest trails will have on the people of Rwanda. Amy created a very succinct document for our adults. Georgia rose to the challenge of creating a student questionnaire. I think you will agree her art work is just beautiful. We will blog a selection of filled in questionnaires when they are completed in the next few days.