Open Evening

If you were having a look at the Webcams today, you’ll have noticed a hive of activity in the Greenhouse!  That’s because today is the school’s Open Evening, a night where the school dresses up in a suit and tie and persuades all of the year 6 students that Writhlington is the place to come.

We, too, get to show off the best of the orchid project, and test things like the practicality of opening up the greenhouses to lots of people.  Good news is, it seems to work!  25th is looking more and more exciting the closer it gets, and we enjoyed the evening event so much, we may have some more in the future! Watch this space.


Contacting Us

We have recently had a very special new arrival to the Orchid Project – a Telephone!  With the orchid festival fast approaching, you can now, once again, get in contact with us by phone.  Contact details on the contact page.

Thanks once again for bearing with us until now, hopefully all problems are now in the past!

Our new phone!


Site Upgrade: Stage One Complete

Stage one of the website upgrade started at 10:00GMT this morning.  Unfortunately due to some server incompatibilities these did not go quite as planned, and so we are now going live again exactly one hour after we planned.  Currently you may notice some of the images are currently not loading on the website, this is because they are currently transferring from our old servers to the new servers.

Although the site may not appear any different to the average user, these are the changes we made:

  • The website was transferred to our new servers and upgraded to the latest software
  • The site was assigned a new temporary domain-name
  • The new servers were prepared to receive the usual domain-name []
  • The software installation was tweaked to be more efficient than before
  • The software has been lightened to deliver higher performance

On Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th August 2010 more minor down-time may be experienced.  This will be caused by our domain name being transferred from the old servers to the new.

If you have any questions about the current tweaks being made to our website please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.