Exciting new partners – what will we create together?

Here are some opportunities: Cameron teaches in an Inuit community in Northern Canada – are there opportunities for plant science in the Arctic? Dan runs remote science labs out of Colorado – could we create a robotic remote DNA or Orchid lab in the studio school? Comments welcome.
P.s. Toronto is really snowy as you can see from the hotel photo.



Wild Canada

Many thanks today to Dave and Lois for breakfast, lunch and a drive out to Elk Island National Park to see a bit of real northern prairies landscape. Stunningly beautiful in the snow and amazing wildlife including Bison (in the photo though they looked much bigger and closer in real life) a Coyote and lots of Beavers as long as you count the ones hidden away in their lodges. Two days is definitely not long enough in Edmonton but Toronto awaits. Thanks again to my fantastic hosts Doug, Lois and Dave and farewell to all my new friends in Alberta.