A very productive week

Today we catch or flight home to the UK after an amazing and very productive week in Rwanda. We have visited four schools all keen to take part in the Rwandan Schools’ orchid project as well as the inspiring Kitabi College and a number of impressive individuals from the Department of Education, Tourism and Conservation Department, RAEB and others.

This morning we had our significant final meetings with Dr Marie-Christine Gasingirwa, Director General Science Technology and Research at the Ministry of Education, John Rutayisire Director General of the Rwanda Education Board and two young graduates Theo and Eric who both have impressive research experience in the field of plant propagation.

Rwanda is fortunate to have so many committed people dedicated to improving the lives of Rwandan people and working for education, conservation and science in the country.

Theo and Eric with Zoe, Zoe and Jake Theo and Eric with Zoe, Zoe and Jake



This was the best view we saw. Nyungwe was beautiful and we saw many brilliant views and struggled to find one picture and a short phrase to describe it. I decided on this.

The most beautiful, amazing, and bio diverse, place I have ever seen.

20130214-020726 PM.jpg





Nyungwe forest is Africa’s largest mountain forest reserve with 970 square kilometres of forest full of rare species including primates and of course orchids. With about 160 orchid species it is a very special place and a really exciting place to explore. We will be back. Lots more photos to follow next time we have Internet access.


Polystachya virginae

This has got to been one of the most impressive orchids we saw, while trekking through the forest. We saw this polystachya many times, on different trees, so it was clearly happy where it was! The polystachya flowers are usually upside down (non-resupinate). We think this would make a superb species to include in the schools.



RAIN Forest?

We always tell people that in the rainforest there is a dry period and a wet period, this was demonstrated perfectly where we got completely drenched after trekking in the forest completely dry. I don’t think any of us will complain about the rain in England, however did we get upset by the rain? Oh no we loved it, even though we were drenched from head to toe, you cant beat rain in a RAIN forest! The picture also demonstrates the spherical shape of each rain droplet.