All 27 students on the KCCEM Wildlife Management Diploma have now successfully carried out orchid seed sowing and re-plating. Big thanks to Zoe and Heather for setting up the lab so brilliantly last August and Annie for working so hard today.
Seed sowing was greenpod of Polystachya adansoniae a gorgeous small flowered epiphyte found in the swamp forest around Kamiranzovu swamp.
Students from FAWE School arrive tomorrow.


Arrived at Kitabi and a busy first day

We arrived in Rwanda on Saturday and reached KCCEM in time to unpack and eat before bed. Good news, all our equipment arrived safely with only a few glass jars broken.
Today has been a long day working with KCCEM diploma students. A four hour walk around Kamiranzovu Swamp to identify orchids and other rare and endemic flora followed by an afternoon and evening making growing media and sterile water for a lab day tomorrow.
We had a thunderstorm last night so the electricity has been off until now. More posts tomorrow when Internet available.


Exciting new partners – what will we create together?

Here are some opportunities: Cameron teaches in an Inuit community in Northern Canada – are there opportunities for plant science in the Arctic? Dan runs remote science labs out of Colorado – could we create a robotic remote DNA or Orchid lab in the studio school? Comments welcome.
P.s. Toronto is really snowy as you can see from the hotel photo.