London Orchid Show 2010

A long over-due post I believe! I have been so caught up with the Big Bang last week/weekend, that I almost forgot about the most important event of the year – The RHS London International Orchid Show!

Fortunately ‘completely forgot’ is a bit of an exaggeration! We’ve been working quite hard last week to not only catch up on all the work we missed the week before, but to gather together quite an impressie array of plants for this years show.

In addition to our usual display of plants, there will be posters from our recent Sikkim Expedition, as well as a Sales Table and Luke Barnes’ Stand from the Big Bang last week end.

It really is going to be an amazing year.  As well as all of this, it’s the last year of our Orchid Project members; Luke Lucas and Ben Stokes.  More information on this coming throughout the week.

See you there!


Day 1

Good morning!

Technically the title of this post is wrong.  It’s day 2 today, although I didn’t write about day 1 yesterday due to tiredness!  To give you an idea of the dedication we have to update you all; it’s now 5:45 and I’m sitting at my laptop drinking coffee!

‘WOW’ is the only word I can use to describe the Big Bang Fair!  WOW Indeed!  My stand has been judged twice today and I’m looking forward to the results this evening.  I’ve been told that our Lab team have also had a very busy time, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t seen them!

Stand 28 & 29

The show is now sold out and a total of 20,000 people will be coming through the doors over the three days (including yesterday).  It really is amazing.  If you’re looking for more photos, have a look at the Big Bang Fair’s Facebook Group.