Big Bang Practise

The Big Bang team were able to practise their presentation at the open day to the visitors and to work out any potential questions the judges may ask. The team could also put together a small display using orchids of Sikkim including ‘Coelogyne cristata’ and ‘Dendrobium nobile’. The team will be travelling to Birmingham NEC on Wednesday and returning on Friday after doing the real presentation, let’s wish them luck!



Another Successful Open Evening

Thursday’s open evening was a real success and we all had a superb time! We had our sales table in the classroom (having to restock AGAIN after brilliant sales at previous events), tours around the greenhouse by all the students, especially the younger ones who did a fab job, displayed photographs of British Native orchids from Richard Laurence As well as displayed photographs of orchids from Bosnia and Herzegovina by Dino Zelenika. We’d like to thank all the adult helpers from the orchid adult group for helping to look after us all and visitors with tea, coffee, squash and yummy cakes!




Seed for Rwanda

With 4 months to go until we head off on our expedition to Rwanda, we are preparing the seed to take with us.
On this trip we will be setting up Rwanda’s first orchid propagation lab and training Kitabi students and staff before introducing orchids to Rwandan school children.
For effective training we need good healthy seed of species native to Rwanda and so this week we are going to be test sowing samples of all the suitable seed in our seed bank. We will let you know the results.
Thanks to me, Jacob and Josh all the seed samples have names just so we get to know them – go Frank the Ansellia Africana seed!

20140303-052357 pm.jpg


Cheltenham and Gloucester Orchid Show.

Another early Saturday morning takes us to the Cheltenham and Gloucester Orchid Show. Re packing the van with more sale plants and changing some of our show plants, we were off to set up another display and sales table with the help of a bacon roll! All our efforts paid off as we one The Best Species for ‘Arpophyllum spicatum’ or the pink bog brush orchid as we call it! And we also won The Best Hybrid for the primary hybrid ‘Dendrobium delicatum’ which filled the whole hall with its beautiful scent. It was fantastic to see our Cheltenham friends again and we all enjoyed the day very much!