If you live in or near Bristol, don’t miss this event

This thursday (7th October) teacher Simon Pugh-Jones will be presenting the 2010 Annals of Botany Lecture at the University Of Bristol. In the lecture Simon will talk about the origin, development and the overseas projects of the Writhlington School Orchid Project. There will also be students on hand to answer questions and sell you thier plants. For more information and details about how to buy a ticket visit the Bristol University Botanic Gardens website

Orchid project at large


Schedule for the 25th

We’ve come up with a schedule of lectures and main events for the Writhlington Orchid Festival. Tours shall be operating throughout the day as well as refreshments in the dining room. All times may be subject to change.

10:00 am – Open to the Public

10:30 am – Luke Barnes

11:30 am – Official opening & Ribbon cutting

12:30 am – Zoe Barnes & Zoë Parfitt

1:30 pm – Simon Pugh-Jones

2:30 pm – Zoe Barnes

3:30 pm – Bonus talk: to be announced

4:00 pm – Close


Open Evening

If you were having a look at the Webcams today, you’ll have noticed a hive of activity in the Greenhouse!  That’s because today is the school’s Open Evening, a night where the school dresses up in a suit and tie and persuades all of the year 6 students that Writhlington is the place to come.

We, too, get to show off the best of the orchid project, and test things like the practicality of opening up the greenhouses to lots of people.  Good news is, it seems to work!  25th is looking more and more exciting the closer it gets, and we enjoyed the evening event so much, we may have some more in the future! Watch this space.