365 days of orchids – day 460 – Stelis muscifera

We are pleased to see lots of people taking photographs of our display plants and this plant has been photographed a lot.

This tiny stelis species is native to Ecuador and Venezuela where is grows as an epiphyte in moss and produces an abundance of short spikes and a mass of flowers.

We grow the species in baskets and in pots and it seems to do especially well in small baskets where it enjoys daily watering but plenty of fresh air.


Gold at London 2018

ÑWe are celebrating RHS Gold at the London Show for the fantastic display designed and built yesterday by Issy, Hannah, Chloe and Jess. The photo shows them looking suitably delighted alongside James who came up to help today.

Feedback from the judges us that we were given 16 points out of sixteen – a perfect display.


365 days of orchids – day 459 – Vanda tricolor var. suarvis


This grand orchid is native to lowland forest in Java and is clearly determined to become a giant orchid over time. The plant produces stiff alternate leaves 30cm long and then long spikes of flowers – the plant has four spikes out today – each with at least ten large and very fragrant flowers.

The plant is loving life in Warm Asia and has a new growth coming near the base an so will become a multi-stemmed plant over time.

Some times this plant is listed as a separate species Vanda suavis and seperate from the other form of Vanda tricolor (also found in Java) which has fewer, rounder flowers, but we will follow in our labelling.