Last day at Eden

Today was our last day working at the Eden Project this week. We spent the morning in Eden’s nursery helping Nicki to re-pot some Moringas and some Bromeliads. We then went down to the tropical biome to plant some Coelogynes in hanging baskets for the Malaysian house there. We have had a great week working with the Eden team and seeing behind the scenes of the project and would love to return in the future. 


365 days of orchids – day 194 – Cleisostoma arietinum

This is the ‘bent’ cleisostoma referring to the curved terete leaves. It is a warm growing species from South East Asia, India and Malaysia where it grows pendulously. We have seen related species growing in Arunachal Pradesh, North East India, and in Laos, amongst a mass of orchids (Dendrobiums, Pholidotas, Erias and others) on the lower branches of semi-deciduous trees along rivers and in open forest.

We find Cleisostomas work well mounted where their attractive growth habits can bee enjoyed and the plants are able to dry out well between waterings.


Day four at Eden

Today was our fourth day working at the Eden Project. This morning we went up in the cherry picker to prune some of the trees and then planted some Coelogynes in hanging baskets for the Malaysian area. We spent the afternoon putting sphagnum moss around the orchids in the biome. Tomorrow we are going to be working in Eden’s plant nursery. 


365 days of orchids – day 193 -Bulbophyllum stenobulbon

This Bulbophyllum species from South East Asia and Assam produces quite small flowers from the base of pseudobulbs but does so in profusion and so gives a lovely display.

It is reported to grow as a lithophyte in moss from 500-800m altitude in warm forest but we find that it is not fussy about temperature and grows happily in Warm Asia (min 18C, Cool Asia (min 10C) or Cool Americas (min 12C) but it does seem fussy about light preferring to grow in shade and with plenty of water reflecting its microhabitat.

We grow the species in pots and, even better, mounted as it does tend to straggle out of its pots and root in surrounding pots.


Day three at Eden

Today was our third day working at the Eden Project. We started the day by feeding the Rulruls again and then helped with watering. We then walked around the biome with Hetty and planned where we will hopefully plant orchids. Whilst doing this we found a baby gecko and a tree frog. Tomorrow we are going to go around the biome and put sphagnum moss around all of the orchids already there.