Update: Webcam Status

I’m very pleased to announce today that our Webcams are now back online! Dan and I puzzled over them for a while, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We formulated a couple of theories, that I took to our IT department this morning, and they had the things back online by lunchtime! Big, huge, […]


Webcam’s Launch

You’ve been waiting, we’ve been working, and finally we are ready to launch our ‘secret project’.  While you’ve been entertained by my image of the eye – Dan has been working with four old netbooks and seven webcams to bring you what can only be described as a unique insight into the Writhlington Orchid Project. […]


Hello from Ike!

Hello, I’m Ike and as I’ve never done one of these before so I’ll go straight into it. I joined greenhouse/orchid club in year 7 (though I was ill for most of it) and have been a member ever since i learnt to ride the unicycle with Zoe B but have never attempted to juggle. […]