We are pleased to announce that Zygopetalum time has arrived in the Writhlington greenhouse. This Zygopetalum maculatum is wonderfully fragrant as well as drop dead gorgeous. Come and see them for yourself at orchid Christmas.


How a parent plant’s DNA affects the hybrid

This month we have a perfect demonstration of how the DNA of parent species influence the character of  their hybrid. We have  the two species Angraecum sesquipedale and Angraecum eburneum, and their hybrid Angraecum Veitchii all in flower at once. Angraecum sesquipedale is a large growing species that produces a few large flowers each with a twelve […]


Cattleya trianae

Cattleya trianae also known as Flor de mayo (May Flower). It comes from Colombian and is the Colombian Nation Flower this means this orchid need warm to intermediate conditions.  Cattleya trianae is a vigorous grower with two growths a year. Cattleya trianae was named after the Colombian botanist Jeronimo Triana. Cattleya trianae is currently out […]