The Big Bang!

So, I hear you ask, what has ‘The Big Bang’ got to do with orchids? Well, not a great deal… the Big Bang Science fair in Manchester, though? That’s a whole other story! As some of you may already know, as part of our Sikkim expedition in April this year, I carried out research on […]


Model Repair

As part of the Go4SET project last year, a working model of the new greenhouses was made by one of our two teams to illustrate how water would be conserved in the new greenhouse. Unfortunately, this model was semi-destroyed a few months back. Fortunately – it’s back and as good as new! Zoe Barnes (who […]


End of the year

Well that’s it for us. Term 2 draws to a close and with it 2009. We’ve had a super year and can’t wait to start 2010! Before term ends, however, it is traditional for our school drama department to put on a talent show. This year, I have to say, it was one of the […]