What is snowy on the outside and has Brazilian sunshine on the inside?

Answer – The Writhlington School Greenhouses 🙂 This has to be the best time of year to have a heated greenhouse. While many little mammals are thinking of hibernating to sit out the cold months, the students of Writhlington School (little mammals too) are busy surrounded by some of the of the world’s most stunning flowers. […]


Our New Labels!

You voted, you commented, we listened, and we now have our new label design!  It’s all very exciting for us, particularly because we got to use the laser cutter again.  (The most awesome use of ‘file – print’ there is!) We’re going to wait until it’s light, position the labels in front of some appropriate plants, and […]


Label Poll

We’ve been playing around with the laser cutter at school, and have come up with two potential designs for all of the labels we’ll use at shows in the future. (or until we come up with a better one!) We have come up with a dilema though, we can’t decide which is best. Please give […]