Planed Upgrade

We’re planning a major site upgrade for the 20th August.  This means that the site will be down from about 9am until 6pm on this date. Fear not though! During this ‘down time’ we’ll have updates on our Twitter account, as well as a rather nice looking ‘down for maintenance page’ for you to look […]



As some of you may be aware, today (19/08) is A-Level results day.  As you may have gathered from the graphic above, our web designer, Dan Groves, achieved 3 A’s in Business and ICT and is off to study Web Application Design at The University of Plymouth! A big “Well Done” from all of us […]


Rain glorious rain

Good news blog watchers… rained on sports day, a bit of a pain for the unicycle race but great news for the orchids. At Writhlington we water our plants with rainwater because tap water in Radstock has too many dissolved salts (a conductivity of around 500 micro-siemens). Rain water has a conductivity of just 20 micro-siemens so […]