I’m currently in the process of putting together a “Useful links” page, but I might as well start with a useful link to a site full of useful orchid links!  OrchidWire (who have recently listed us, so please comment about us on their site!) have loads of links to everything from orchid sellers to the […]


Research in Sikkim

While in the Sikkim Himalayas I conducted a research project into orchid diversity with altitude. The results are due to be published, as well as being on display at the RHS London Orchid Show in 2010. Below is a pre-publishing preview. Investigating orchid populations across the sikkim himalaya This research links orchid migration observed in […]


Blog Action Day

Tomorrow (Thursday 15th October) is Blog Action Day 2009, where bloggers across the world unite to blog about one issue: Climate Change. This is an issue that affects us all, but particularly the world of plants and orchids. Orchid populations can be used to prove global warming, and climate change can be held responsible for […]