Epidendrum radicans

Starting the new year has been very productive in the greenhouses, getting many plants together to sell in the following year. The past two weeks has involved the splitting up, repotting and cleaning of Epidendrum radicans which was deflasked in November. Many of the growing seedlings had started to creep into one another’s pots and […]


A Greenhouse of Pink!

The greenhouse section Cool America is dominated by a sea of pink flowers which are Laelia anceps and Laelia gouldiana. These Laelias have started to bloom just in time for our annual Orchid Christmas Event which is being held tonight 6 till 9 where there will be greenhouse tours, plants for sell (they make great […]


Follow the greenhouse environment through the internet of things

Click here to access the internet of things and in particular the online feed of temperature, humidity and light level in the orchid project greenhouses. The login is wsbeorchids and the password wsbeorchids too. Have fun watching our real time graphs. More news about our exciting plans with the internet of things project to follow […]