Britain in Bloom!

Today we had a visit from the Britain in Bloom team and a judge from the RHS. Once again, the visitors were so impressed they didn’t leave and definitely extended there 10 minute period to at least half an hour! They were all very impressed with students Emily, Chloe, Rosie, Kayleigh, Lexie and Kristen. The […]


American Visitors

Even though Simon and many members of the team are in Rwanda there are still visitors coming to see the project and the greenhouses, even as far as America! Myself and year 8 students Emily and Rosie gave a tour, spoke about the project as well as the girls talking about there work with the […]


Coelogyne dayana

Is he just stunning… What a shame this beautiful orchid wasn’t out last week for Hampton Court especially after all of myself and Simon’s efforts which including praying and eating bananas next to the plant! The plant is covered in flower spikes, which have all emerged from new growths so it is going to look […]