Lecture at Bristol

On Thursday 17th September, Simon Pugh-Jones will be giving a talk at the Bristol University Botanical Gardens titled: “Returning Cymbidium whiteae to the cloud kingdom” The lecture takes place at Churchill Hall at 7.30pm.  Tickets are £6 for Friends and £7.50 for non-Friends. For more information about directions etc, please visit the Botanic Garden’s Website


New Greenhouse

The new greenhouses are looking very good!  We sent our man with the camera up the ladder to photograph them and the results of his hard work are here for all to see! They are looking very good and we are looking even more excited about the imminent move-over.


Orchid project to Wales

This weekend we’re packing our bags and toothbrushes for another orchid project international – to the National Botanic Garden of Wales!  We’re exhibiting along with several other orchid growers from all around europe and it should be a good event.  You can also visit the Botanic Garden’s event page for full details on this event. […]