Polystachya virginae

This has got to been one of the most impressive orchids we saw, while trekking through the forest. We saw this polystachya many times, on different trees, so it was clearly happy where it was! The polystachya flowers are usually upside down (non-resupinate). We think this would make a superb species to include in the […]


RAIN Forest?

We always tell people that in the rainforest there is a dry period and a wet period, this was demonstrated perfectly where we got completely drenched after trekking in the forest completely dry. I don’t think any of us will complain about the rain in England, however did we get upset by the rain? Oh […]


Amazing orchid propagation workshop at Kitabi College.

A massive well done to my Rwanda team for a very successful and inspiring workshop this afternoon at the Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management. After a tour, dinner and further discussions with acting principle Richard Nasasira we spent the afternoon with the college’s diploma students. The team presented our project with Zoe Parfitt […]