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Orchids of Estonia at the Hardy Orchid Day (Sun 4th Nov at the British Orchid Show and Congress)

 Simon Tarrant We are delighted that the Sunday of the British Orchid Show and Congress will include a ‘Hardy Orchid Day’ with lectures and workshops covering British native orchids, UK reintroduction projects, hardy orchid culture and propagation, and European travel to see orchids in the wild. Amongst the speakers will be Simon Tarrant talking on “Orchids and […]


365 days of orchids – day 622 – Aerangis mystacidii

Following yesterday’s post from Heather on her wonderful work in South Africa it is only right that we feature a South African Orchid today. Aerangis mystacidii is endemic to South Africa growing in forest along rivers in dryer areas and in evergreen forests in wetter areas. We have seen related species flourishing in woodland just […]


Highlights from the Science symposium at the British Orchid Show and Congress

We are delighted that Roberta Gargiulo will be speaking at the Science Symposium on Saturday 3rd November on ‘The lady’s slipper orchid, Cypripedium calceolus: genetic diversity over space and time.’ At Writhlington we have had the pleasure on working with Roberta at Kew for several years where she has hosted groups of A level students […]


365 days of orchids – day 620 – Pleurothallis loranthophylla

Regulars to 365 days of orchids will know that we have a large collection of pleurothallis species many of which give a dramatic display of small flowers. Pleurothallis loranthophylla is one of the most rewarding and produces really pretty flowers in long pendulous spikes and a profusion of flowers. Pleurothallis loranthophylla is native to wet […]