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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

365 days of orchids – day 695 – Odontoglossum hallii-elegans

This gorgeous flower belongs to a plant we know as Odontoglossum hallii-elegans. This species is native to Ecuador and forms a large growing plant with long spikes of 8cm wide flowers. Odontoglossums have now been included in Oncidium but as a genus Odontoglossum is useful as the species that were included share cultural requirements – […]


A level results – how much bleach do seed need to surface sterilise them?

As part of their orchid seed research our year 13 (upper sixth) science students have been testing their seed samples to find out how much surface sterilizing they need before sowing in-vitro. Joe’s results here show contamination with both 0% and one 0.5% bleach solution samples but no contamination for 1% or 1.5% bleach. All […]


365 days of orchids – day 694 – Dendrobium harveyanum

The diversity of orchids and their flowers is perhaps their greatest attraction and these dendrobium flowers are some of our most extraordinary. This wonderful dendrobium is native to Southern China and South East Asia where it grows as an epiphyte at around 1100-1700m in seasonally dry forest. It is semi deciduous and flowers from new […]