Simon Pugh-Jones

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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

Day 2 workshops

A brilliant day spent really getting to know our friends at FAWE included some brilliant workshops¬†and so a big well done to Josh (orchid diversity), ¬†Charlotte (orchid seed under a microscope), Rosie (mycorrhiza), Jess and Georgia (orchid life cycle), James (3D printing and design), Tom (orchid industry and sustainability) and Emily (orchid hunt) We will […]


Day 1 workshops

The first day workshops at FAWE have been a great success with Aaron leading a workshop on Data logging to prepare for data collection in Nyungwe, Jacob leading a botany workshop (Orchid in a box) and Chloe leading a workshop on growing media preparation.  


Birds part 1

Hi it’s Georgia here, I would blog with my account but the internet isn’t going my way. Anywho, on our first morning in Rwanda we saw a Black Kite flying over the beautiful city scape of Kigali. They can be found in the UK, Europe and Asia, for you budding travellers


3D printing at FAWE

James explains 3D printing to Sister Eugenie, headteacher at FAWE. The printer sponsored by manufacturer Robox with materials sponsored by the Dyson Foundation will stay at FAWE with ongoing support from James. The FAWE girls will have their first workshop this afternoon.