Simon Pugh-Jones

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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

Rain glorious rain

Good news blog watchers… rained on sports day, a bit of a pain for the unicycle race but great news for the orchids. At Writhlington we water our plants with rainwater because tap water in Radstock has too many dissolved salts (a conductivity of around 500 micro-siemens). Rain water has a conductivity of just 20 micro-siemens so […]


Three go mad in ST6

With just four weeks left of term it’s all hands to the orchid lab at Writhlington. Our plan is to complete at least 30 jars of seedlings every day until July 23rd. This will give us 600 jars of seedlings growing and ready for our customers to buy at the London Orchid show next year. To […]


Thankyou Dan Groves – for all your work in the past seven years

I hope everyone likes the web cams. I keep logging on to check the greenhouse at night and suprise suprise ….it’s dark. Teachers! Anyway, I couldn’t let the chance pass to thank Dan Groves publically for all his work on and earlier versions of the orchid project website. Dan has now finished his sixth […]