Simon Pugh-Jones

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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

What happened next competition

Now that we have all completed the strength trail (10km of steep up and down in wonderful ancient forest) I must thank my brilliant adult team. Sophie and Amy have been fantastic. This photo shows them with our guide Everest. Apparently unaware of the suspicious strangler fig above their heads. Prizes for the best suggestion […]


Hard at work

Today’s planned strength trail walk has been delayed until tomorrow due to a lack of guides and so today has been all about completing project work and analysing research data. This photo shows Tom, Georgia, Maisha and Jacob preparing their report, Effective Capacity Building in Rwanda, for entry into the National Science and Engineering competition […]


Birds of Nyungwe

We may be here on a botanical trip but the non-plant wildlife of Nyungwe is hard to ignore. For somebody used to taking pictures of orchids (which are considerate enough to stay in one place) photographing birds is a challenge, but the sunbirds feeding on some of the native plants stay still just long enough […]