Simon Pugh-Jones

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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

Orchids on Bigugu

Lots of amazing orchids on Bigugu too. This epiphyte is a new species for the orchid project. Many orchids in Nyungwe share this growth habit and so spotting plants in flower is important to confirm species and on this trip we have some brilliant orchid spotters. Aaron spotted this small orchid flowering in Erica forest […]


Workshops with KCCEM students

The team have devised and delivered a range of workshops to KCCEM diploma students at the college. The students are studying diplomas in Wildlife Management, Forestry and Tourism and have been working with Zoe and Heather at the college so have some good knowledge about orchids. Each workshop devised and delivered by a Writhlington student […]


At home in the forest

I am proud of the way my student team is coping with the challenges of the trip, devising and running workshops, working deep in Nyungwe Forest and making friends with the FAWE girls and the KCCEM students. The whole team coped with the challenge the Karimanzovu trek and are ready for the challenge of Mount […]