Simon Pugh-Jones

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Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

A wonderful last day with our friends and partners

Today was presentation time with four teams of girls from FAWE, three KCCEM students and the Writhlington student team all setting up tables to display their work to visitors and FAWE classes. The team from KCCEM, students Fred, Jean Luc and Tite, provided workshops on laboratory orchid propagation techniques, along with presentations on the realtionships […]


Team breakfast

We are having a lovely breakfast at Murugo Hostel joined by KCCEM student Fred, Jean Luck and Tite, and Heather and Zoe. Well done to everyone for eating well all trip and of course to our wonderful chefs at KCCEM and Murugo hostel.


Still thinking of the forest

We are still sorting through our wonderful photographs and realised we hadn’t shared this one. It is an Angolan Colobus monkey, part of a large troop that we saw on the way back from Karimanzovu with the FAWE girls. Breakfast soon and then to FAWE school for student presentations. Thanks again to all of you who […]


Happy birthday Josh

Josh celebrated his birthday in Rwandan style thanks to Gerard organising a cake. As you can see the cake has a large firework in the middle!!!! Another Rwandan tradition is to pour water over you on your birthday – this was a surprise to Josh but he took it very well.


Finishing research posters

Before we head to Kigali our FAWE teams are completing their research posters for Monday’s event at the School. Research includes observations if the orchid species and the habitat including information on other plants found near the orchid species. The work is impressive and will be turned into a publishable article.