Simon Pugh-Jones

Website Role: administrator

Teacher in charge of the Writhlington Orchid Project

Finishing research posters

Before we head to Kigali our FAWE teams are completing their research posters for Monday’s event at the School. Research includes observations if the orchid species and the habitat including information on other plants found near the orchid species. The work is impressive and will be turned into a publishable article.


Last trek in Nyungwe

For our last trek in Nyungwe we explored the Ngabwe trail which climbs the mountain opposite KCCEM and then runs along its ridge at 2700m altitude. With our FAWE partners we explored a very diverse forest with secondary regrowth, primary elfin forest and wonderful Erica forest on the ridge of quartzite. We again found amazing […]


Meet the team

Here we are ready to jump in the KCCEM bus to head back to the forest. The weather is fine and we are all refreshed after a good nights sleep and a substantial breakfast. Thanks again for all the comments, it is great to know you are following our adventures.