Modes of water transport

We are people who love adventures. From red dot gun sights to water sports, we are into everything. The last few days has seen us take to the water in a number of ways. Our expedition to Mulu involved some motorised long boats which sped us from our base in Mulu along the Melinau River […]


Late night laundry

A few of us finished another amazing day with a visit to the laundrette. With a range of colours and whites all heading into one machine it was decided two .. or even three washers on at the same time was the best idea. Sorting clothes for tumble drying a bit concerning at first but […]


Highlights so far

A few days in and we have accomplished so much already. Recovering remarkably quickly after our long haul flights, we have acclimatised to our new equatorial environment, managed to navigate Kuching via the cat roundabouts, worked alongside our orchid partners in school, trekked many wet slippery steps in a tropical storm to discover and photograph […]