Ike Shackleton

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Insects and Little things

We may be out here to look at orchids but the occasional small animal or insect has caught our attention, particularly if said insects happen to be marching across the path (first 2 photos), as was the case with the ants! The third photo is what we think is a flying ant, although their flight […]


Taking photos…

Anyone reading the replies to the previous posts will have noticed Hayley Shackleton, mentioning a number of times that I should remember to take some photos! Well yes, I have been Mum, so you needn’t worry, in fact pretty much all of the group shots have been done by me (tripod and timer on the […]


Hello from Ike!

Hello, I’m Ike and as I’ve never done one of these before so I’ll go straight into it. I joined greenhouse/orchid club in year 7 (though I was ill for most of it) and have been a member ever since i learnt to ride the unicycle with Zoe B but have never attempted to juggle. […]