Heather Limond

Website Role: editor

Hi I am Heather and i have been in the project 2 1/2 years. I am in charge of Cattleya, Brassavola, Barkeria and Tricopillia.

Life after the project Part 2

Hello its Heather, its been another year since my last update. I am just about to start my third year at Chester University studying Conservation Biology and still enjoying travelling. During my second year I spent 11 days in Grenada collecting data for my dissertation on Oeceoclades maculata. I was collecting data on their distribution and […]


A final farewell

Tonight we leave Rwanda and head back to the UK. We have had an amazing time with our students and our last week travelling. If you would like to see what our KCCEM students are up to then join them on Facebook at KCCEM orchid project. Link below.  


Farewell KCCEM

Yesterday was the day we left KCCEM. Was sad to say good bye to our amazing students, but we leave safe in the knowledge our students will continue the project. We are both so proud of how our students  pick up the knowledge and are enthusiastic to teach future KCCEM students. Picture below is our […]