Sumptuous Stripes and Dots

Sumptuous is the Writhlington word of the week and here is our collection of sumptuous, stripy and dotty orchids in the greenhouse this week.  To start off our display of luxurious orchids is Cymbidium tracyanum, just come into flower, looking like it is sprinkled with cinnamon.

The little Restrepia orchids repotted during the summer holidays are flowering beautifully.  Below is a Restrepia that is labelled ‘chameleon’ but it looks, to me, more like Restrepia sanguinea.

Carrying on the dotty theme is Restrepia contorta

Now it is the turn of stripy Restrepia trichoglossa.

Here is stripy Restrepia wageneri, from my own collection.  Restrepia are one of my favourite species of orchid.  They are amazingly similar to each other but yet so different.

Yet more stripes but this time Restrepia falkenbergii also from my personal collection.

Yet another one from my own collection, Restrepia pelyx.  I think it looks like a person with outstretched arms, wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Our last Restrepia was marked cuprea on the label but I think it is Restrepia cymbula also known as the boat Restrepia.

More stripes but not Restrepia this time.  They belong to our unidentified Pleurothallis. Perhaps someone could name it for us?

Back to dots again with Scaphosepalum belusum.  The name means monstrous flowered and I do think the flowers look like little monsters or are they like Highland cattle? What do you think?








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