Splitting of Sobralia macrantha

Our Sabralia macrantha, Samantha as she has been affectionately named by an Orchid Project student, was in need of a repot.

The first job was to remove the plastic pot. This was done with a saw.

The first job was to remove the old plastic pot.  This was done by cutting with a saw which enabled the roots to be lifted from the pot.

Once cut the pot was removed and discarded.

Once removed from the pot it was plain to see the roots at the bottom were old and dead.   These were removed with a saw.

The old compost had degraded and resembled peat rather than large chips of orchid bark.

It was decided that Samantha was too big to remain as one  plant.  She needed to be cut into viable pieces before we could repot her.

    Next Sobralia macrantha was split into smaller viable pieces.

Again a saw was used.

Samantha was cut into five smaller plants and she and her Sobralia macrantha offspring are now happily repotted into new pots with fresh large chips of orchid bark.

Sobralia macrantha are large, warm growing orchids.  They have large pink or white  flowers, depending on the clone, but I rate them for their foliage.  They would look really cool lit up with halo grow  lights in the corner of a living room.




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