Slippery Floors

From time to time our greenhouse floors become slippery.  This is caused by naturally occurring algae growing on them.  It is particularly bad after the summer when bright sunlight seems to stimulate the algae into growth.  The nutrients in our orchid feed not only feed our orchids but our algae too. In our greenhouse we cannot use any chemical control because it would  kill our orchids.  In the past we have jet washed the floors  but we find the most effective way to clean is pupil power.   Below is a picture of Henry directing his friends in the procedure.

Firstly boiling water is poured over the patch to be cleaned.  This is quickly followed with a dose of washing up liquid and then a good scrub.  The algae comes away easily.  The floor is the rinsed with cold tap water and brushed down the drain.  The result is a lovely clean floor and no algae.

Below you can see Henry entrusted with the job of rinsing the floor.  What a wonderful job Henry and you didn’t even get your friends too wet.



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