Saturday Morning in the Greenhouse

Yes I know it is Saturday but it was gorgeous in the greenhouse.  The sun was shining and it was warm. inside.  I had gone there to water but got sidetracked by the enormous number of Restrepias that needed repotting.  Then I discovered all these Dracula deltoidea I didn’t know we had.  They do look similar to Masdevallias and are related to them.

While sorting out a mass of Masdevallia paiveana that had grow rampantly into other pots I came across this little Masdevallia pyxis.

Time flies when in the greenhouse but I just had enough time to photograph Coelogyne pulverula, native to Borneo and


Coelogyne asperata, shown below, pollinated by a large flower beetle which the orchid attracts with spicy fragrance. What a shame it was not flowering last week for the Bee and Pollination festival.

Both Coelogynes live in our cosy  Warn Asia section of the greenhouse.


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