Propagation of Bulbophyllum stenobulbon

Bulbophyllum stenobulbon comes from South East Asia as far west as Assam.  It grows in warm forests but its not really fussy about temperature and will grow well from 10 degrees celsius to 18 degrees celsius, but needs to be kept shaded and well watered.

Although Bulbophyllum stenobulbon has small flowers there are lots of them, twice a year, winter and summer. It makes a very attractive houseplant.

Our specimen Bulbophyllum has become quite untidy with prolific roots and runners everywhere.  Today it has had a little bit of a trim so that new orchids can be propagated for our show sales table and our Etsy shop.

Before touching the orchid any tools must be sterilised.  We use methylated spirits to do this.

For the best results take a cutting consisting of three bulbs and their roots.

Place a small quantity of orchid bark in the bottom of the pot.

The runners are quite flexible and can be bent carefully to fit inside the pot.  Try to get all the roots inside as Bulbophyllum stenobulbon are quite friendly orchids and like to make their way into other orchid’s pots.

Fill in around the orchid with bark compost and gently press around the edges to make sure the orchid is firmly held in place.

To test that the orchid is securely potted gently pick it up.  If the pot comes with it the orchid is well potted.

It is now time to give our twenty new little orchids a good rainwater drink.








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