Propagating Restrepias from Leaf Cuttings

Restrepias can be propagated by splitting, potting a keiki or by taking leaf cuttings.  All of these forms of propagation produce identical genetic copies of the mother plant.  Below is Restrepia wageneri in flower.

Before starting a leaf cutting you will need Methylated Spirits, with which to sterilise a pair of scissors, a pot large enough to take the leaf cuttings and sphagnum moss.  Fill your pot with damp sphagnum moss.

Look at your plant and choose only young, healthy leaves for cuttings.  Make sure you take some stem with the leaf.

Trim the stems, with sterilised scissors, to about 2 cm

Use a pencil as a dibber to make a hole in the moss and insert the stem until the leaf touches the moss.

Label your pots.

Make sure the moss remains very damp at all times and after a while your cuttings will hopefully grow roots and become new little orchids.

We grow a variety of Restrepias at Writhlington in the Cool Americas section of the greenhouse. They like to be kept cool and damp. Restrepias never get really large and many of them flower repeatedly throughout the year.  They are very rewarding orchids to grow.








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