Pleurothallis costaricensis

Whilst watering today I noticed a Pleurothallis costaricensis needed splitting and had become detached from its cork mount.

No tools were needed just a slight pull and the orchid split into plenty of small pieces.  Just make sure there are a few roots in each little clump.

Each piece of the orchid needed to be planted in a 5 cm pot.  A little orchid bark compost went into the bottom of the pot before placing the little orchid in the middle and filling with compost. After planting the orchid in the pot I gently pressed around the edges to hold the orchid and compost inplace.  Do not press on the roots as they are easily damaged.

I tested the orchid was firmly potted by picking it up.  If firm it will not come away from the pot.

I was able to make 28 new little plants from the old costaricensis.

Once the new plants had been labeled and given a drink of rainwater they were ready to move into our cool America section

Hopefully all the little Pleurothallis costaricensis will grow into beautiful plants like this one.  They are slow growing miniatures that flower on and off throughout the year.  Coming from the cloud forests of Costa Rica these little orchids like cool rooms and so good for the heating bill.




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