Masdevallia nidifica

Whilst watering my greenhouse today I noticed my Masdevallia nidifica was flowering.  I don’t think this orchid ever featured on Simon’s Orchid of the Day so I thought I would add this cute little Masdevallia.

Masdevallia nidifica can be found growing wild in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru in cloud forests between 450 – 2500 meters.

The name nidifica comes from the Latin word nidificus which means to make a nest.  This describes the way the orchid grows in dense tufts.

I grow this miniature Masdevallia in my cool greenhouse.  It likes plenty of light, but not direct sunlight, and regular watering to keep the  roots damp.  I have mine growing in a little pot which I have hung up to allow good drainage and airflow around the leaves.


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  1. Lynne says:

    Hello Agnes, first of all, thank you for posting so many articles, growing advice and updates for the Orchid Project. They are making very interesting reading.
    You mention your sales stock for Writhlington’s Etsy shop. Can you please tell me when will you be listing them and will there be any Masdevallia available to purchase, especially this lovely Nidifica featured in your post?
    Keep the posts coming please, Lynne.

    • Agnes Jones says:

      Hi Lynne, I am waiting for Writhlington to sort out the financial side of things, since Simon’s retirement. Hopefully they won’t take too long as I am eager to start up the shop again. Glad you like the posts.