Keiki Propagation


The word Keiki means baby in Hawaiian .  Growing a keiki is the way a plant reproduces itself asexually.  A Keiki is an exact genetic replica of the mother plant.

The picture below shows one of our Pleurothallis palliolata orchids bearing mature keikis.

Many Keikis have evolved to fall easily from the mother plant when hit by a raindrop, with a slight breeze or when knocked by an animal or bird.  We often find Keikis on the benches or floor of the greenhouse.

The keikis on our Pleurothallis palliolata came away easily with a very gentle pull.

The new little orchids were then potted in bark compost, labelled and given a good drink of rainwater.

In time these babies will flower just like the parent plant.  Our Pleurothallis palliolata orchids flower during the winter months.  I really rate these cheerful little orchids.




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