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The greenhouse is alive with Barbie pink this week.  If you like the smell of chocolate Oncidium ornithorhynchum is the orchid for you.   It is native to Central America and we grow it in Cool Americas. I think it makes a lovely house plant with it’s delicate pink flowers

Cattleya bowringiana is still flowering beautifully

and more buds are opening on our Laelia gouldiana.

Our enormous Cattleya guttata, with a barbie pink lip, is our largest Cattleya species.  It is growing in our Warm Asia section where there is plenty of space for the orchid’s meter long pseudo bulbs and half meter flower spikes.  It is an amazing sight.

Warm Americas is home to our Barkeria lindleyana, from Mexico. They are hung high up to give them plenty of light. We grow all our Barkerias mounted because in pots the roots tend to rot.  The flowers look delicate but are long lasting.

Epidendrum radicans is more cerise than barbie pink. This large orchid, covered with flowers, comes from Costa Rica. We grow it in Cool Americas where it’s flower spikes twist, like honeysuckle, around surrounding plants.

The pretty little Masdevallia below has a label saying ‘Masdevallia coccinea’ but it isn’t one.  We are not sure which Masdevallia it really is. Is there anyone who can identify it for us?


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