A Summer of Propagation

Whilst watering at lunchtime today I noticed the Dendrobium jonesii orchids that were created when Simon split a larger specimen in the spring.  When in bloom the flowers are similar to Dendrobium speciosum but the orchid is smaller.

Above is a photo of Dendrobium Jonesii and below Dendrobium speciosum.

There are now a number of plants all sprouting new shoots.

It looks like they have enjoyed our cooler wetter summer this year.  They have been kept well watered to encourage new growth.

Another orchid that was beginning to look a little tired, worse for wear and bald on the back, was our prize winning Aerides odorata.  It was growing in our Warm Asia section and when in bloom perfumed the whole space.

Now it has become many plants, rejuvenated, all destined to be as big as the parent plant.

Once again we have some lovely new shoots and roots.  We have kept them all really well watered over the summer.

I am sure we will be selling some of these Aerides odorata orchids, together with some Dendrobium jonesii, at shows and Etsy shop. Here is something else for the future Etsy shop. I have spent all the summer holiday repotting and splitting a whole bench full of Pleurothallis gracillima,  many different varieties of restrepia, plenty of Masdevallias and Dracula deltoidea, that will soon be available for sale.


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  1. christopher hayes-brown says:

    Hi Agnes do you not sell at the shop as I used to get some amazing plants from you and interested D Jonesii and other cymbidiums, Gomesa Crispa etc