Well done Izzy

We are always pleased to hear about how growers are getting on with orchids purchased from the school. We are delighted to hear that Izzy (from Portland) has been winning trophies at the Bournemouth Orchid Show for her beautifully grown Coelogyne cristata. Well done Izzy and congratulations to all the orchid growers encouraging young horticultural enthusiasm like Izzy’s.


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  1. Stephanie Rowland-Pilgrim says:

    I somehow managed to miss this! Thank you, both your support and the societies mean so much. Izzy says “Thank you very much I was really surprised and so happy!”

  2. steve neville says:


  3. Chris Broomfield says:

    Well done Lzzy ,coming on in leaps and bounds a beautifully plant well worth it awards we are very proud and lucky to have you as a member of Bournemouth Orchid Society .

    Thank you for all your help with the Children activities at the show.