Vanda tricolor var suarvis ‘alba’- 365 days of orchids – day 1949

This large growing wonderful orchid is wonderfully perfumaed as well as dramatic with its white flowers and yellow spots..

Comparing this plant with the normal coloured form (below) that flowered with us in April you can see that all the pink pigment is missing although the pattern of spotting is very similar.

This grand orchid is native to lowland forest in Java and and becomes a giant orchid over time. The plant produces stiff alternate leaves 30cm long and our alba form is still a small plant at 90cm tall while our normally coloured clone is over 2m tall. We grow plants warm (min 17C) with regular watering throughout the year.

Sometimes this plant is listed as a the species Vanda suavis, separate from the other form of Vanda tricolor (also found in Java) which has fewer, rounder flowers, but we will follow theplantlist.org in our labelling.



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