Vanda testacea – 365 days of orchids – day 1963

This week we are preparing for the Malvern International Orchid Show (The Counties Show) and so a big thanks you to the ex-student team who are running the show for us on thursday and friday before students join in at the weekend.

A plant that usually features at June shows is Vanda testacea. Vanda testacea is one of our smaller growing Vanda species, not much bigger than your hand but with relatively long upright spikes of pretty 2cm flowers.

Vanda testacea is native to The Himalayas from Nepal to Mayanmar and also from Sri Lanka where it is found from 700 to 2000m. The range implies it can take quite cool temperatures but we find it that it is vulnerable to leaf loss in lower temperatures, and prefers Phalaenopsis like conditions.

We find baskets of open compost are ideal for vandas that seem to enjoy producing long roots that hang down from the plant. We water by spraying each day.


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