Vanda falcata – 365 days of orchids – day 1970

Today we feature another of our award winners at last weekend’s show .

Vanda falcata  is a cool growing orchid from Japan with very fragrant flowers and we grow our plants in Cool Asia in baskets where we keep them wet in the summer and damp in the winter. For us the species flowers from June right through to September and and our large white clone is usually the last to open. We have had this plant growing in its 8cm basket for at least 20 years – not long compared to the centuries that the species has been grown in Japan where Vanda falcata is called Fūki-ran or ‘orchid of the rich and noble people’.

The long spur holds the nectar and the flowers are pollinated by moths. With the flowers so fragrant we not only encourage students not only to breath on the plants, but to have a good old sniff.

The clone here is unusual with a pink stem. The normal form is all pure white (below)




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  1. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Simon let me know if you get any plants of this, thanks Chris